Congratulations to those who were successful at our last auditions. You’re one step closer to being a part of the Xqwizit Team!

The next stage, a training session to equip you with the skills and provide you with a basic foundation for being an Xqwizit ‘gladiator’ would be happening tomorrow.

Please find the details below:

Date: Tuesday, October 20th 2015

Venue: Canton Concourse – No 12, Landbridge Avenue Oniru Estate, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Time: 12pm prompt (Please be there early as training starts at 12pm prompt)

For those concerned who have not reserved a seat, kindly do so by sending an email to or sms to 08023533775.


Hi beautiful ladies…I hope you’re keeping your head up and winning out there? Please do! We ladies ought to stick together, encourage and support each other a lot more. Imagine how much power we have and what the world would be like if rather than back-bite, gossip and pull each other down, we do the exact opposite. 

So, I was on Instagram and I saw a number of self love messages and saw the way some people were interpreting them. While I’m a great supporter of self-love (I love me a lot, I love the woman I am) something occurred to me; this self love thing, if we’re not careful teaches us to be selfish. Think about it – when you say something like ‘just make yourself happy, be yourself, don’t care what anyone thinks, their opinions don’t matter etc’ Look at it this way, it’s good to be real, be yourself etc but what if your current self is not your best self. What I mean is, what if you’re a rude person, or you take people’s things without their permission or you enjoy talking bad about people to other people…these are not very good character traits and may adversely affect other people. And so self-love may be misinterpreted to mean accept who you are right now with no intentions or attempts to improve yourself. After all, that is just who I am and I’m supposed to love who I am.

The truth however should be – love who you are and where you right now but don’t rest on your oars. Always remember that there’s always a better version of you to be attained. So I guess the right way to interpret self love is – don’t have an inferiority complex about certain things or features that you possess especially things that you can’t do anything about. If however, its something you can work on, then by all means push yourself to be better and work on it.

My point here is in loving yourself, always stop to consider if your actions are selfish; if in making yourself happy, you’re making other people unhappy, if in ‘doing you’ you’re hurting other people or if your actions in one way or the other adversely or negatively affect the next person.

Remember, we’re to love our neighbors as ourselves! So we have to maintain a balance which means do the things that make you happy but always consider if it’s making the other person unhappy or if at least, it’s not affecting them negatively.

What do you think? You don’t have to agree but let’s hear your intelligent arguments without any insulting or abusive words. Let’s keep it classy ladies.

NB: If you have write-ups that you think you might want to share with others on this platform, please send to


Hey beautiful people…

So lately I’ve been having a lot of thoughts run through my head and I’ve been having the urge to write them down and probably share with a few people. It then occurred to me that I have a blog on the website and who says it only has to be for work information etc? I love my Xqwizit family…I see you as my kid sisters as I biologically do not have any and I want to connect with you on a deeper level beyond work.

So this blog apart from sharing work information, will also highlight tips on how to be better on the job and in life generally, we’ll share experiences and thoughts, you can ask questions on literarily anything that bothers you and as God helps us, we’ll help out as much as possible. It’s our blog, we’re  a family, no one has monopoly of knowledge and we never stop learning so I learn from you, you learn from me, no judgements or negativity as much as possible. Let’s get this party started!!! Don’t mind me, I’m excited.

Stay positive, stay inspired and keep smiling life is beautiful… 


Being an event staff (hostess/host) or customer service personnel may seem like a walk in the park, however, at XQWIZIT events, we take what we do very seriously.
Here are few things we require for you to be a part of our team:


– Good Looks: being pretty, handsome and presentable really helps in this industry.


– Being Smart, proactive, having a good logic and using it well will help you go far with us and book you more jobs.


– Attitude is Everything:; the right attitude will always put you ahead of everyone else even if they look better than you.


– Persistence and being able to handle challenges, negative comments or attitude and even failure sometimes will be very helpful for someone hoping to work with us.


Overall, we just want the best crop of people who have the X-FACTOR when it comes to serving people. We are always ready to welcome the right staff.


After successful registration and success at the first interview, applicants’ will have to go through several other levels of interviews with both our local and foreign partners.


This will be followed by several training sessions, practical classes, and IT attachments also with our local and international partners.

Start the application process now!!!